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Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties

This is our section on shelters, shacks, and shanties. This is taken from a book written nearly 100 years ago. It covers impromptu survival structures all the way up to log cabins. All construction methods are primitive, using materials available 100 years ago (hand tools) no power tools required or desired. Learn to build a house the original way.

  1. Foreword
  2. Bedding
  3. The Half-Cave Shelter
  4. How to Make Fallen-Tree and Scout-Master Shelters
  5. How to make Adirondack, Wick-Up, Bark Teepee, Pioneer, and Scout Shelters
  6. How to Make Beaver-Mat Huts Without Tree Injury
  7. Native American Shacks and Shelters
  8. How to Make Birch Bark or Tar Paper Shacks
  9. Native American Communal Houses
  10. Bark and Tar Paper Uses
  11. Make a Sawed-Lumber Shanty
  12. How to Make a Sod House
  13. How to Build Elevates Shacks, Shanties, and Shelters
  14. Build a Bog Ken
  15. Constructing a Camp Over Water
  16. Build a Signal Tower, Game Lookout, or Rustic Observatory
  17. How to Build a Treehouse
  18. Caches
  19. How to Use an Axe
  20. How to Split Logs, Make Shakes, Splits, or Clapboards
  21. Axemen Camps
  22. Railroad Tie and Barrel Shacks
  23. Build a Barabara
  24. The Navajo Hogan, Hornaday Dugout, and Sod House
  25. How to Build an American Boy's Hogan
  26. How to Cut and Notch Logs
  27. Notched Log Ladders
  28. A Pole House. How to Use a Cross-Cut Saw and Froe
  29. Log Rolling and other Building Stunts
  30. Adirondack Open Log Camp and One-Room Cabin
  31. Native American Log Tent
  32. How to Build the Red Jacket, The New Brunswick, and the Christopher Gist
  33. How to Make Cabin Doors & Latches
  34. Make Secret Cabin Locks
  35. How to make the Bow-Arrow Cabin Door, The Deming Twin Bolts, Hall, and Billy
  36. The Aures Lock Latch
  37. Build an American Log Cabin
  38. How to Build a Hunter's or Fisherman's Cabin
  39. How to Make a Wyoming Olebo, Shake Cabin, Canadian Mossback
  40. How to Build a Kanuck Log Cabin
  41. How to Make a Pole House and American Totem Log House
  42. How to Build a Susitna Log Cabin
  43. How to Build a Fireplace & Chimney for a Simple Log Cabin
  44. Heathstones and Fireplaces
  45. More Hearths and Fireplaces
  46. The Building of the Log House
  47. How to Lay a Tar Paper, Birch Bark, or Patent Roofing
  48. How to Make a Concealed Log Cabin Inside a Modern House
  49. How to Build Gateways

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