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This is our section on composting. Turning your garden and kitchen waste into usable superior fertilizer, for free! This section is in ebook format, as most of the rest of our site. Meaning it is meant to be read fully with each page being considered a chapter or section that progess and relate to each other.

  1. What is Compost
  2. How to Make Compost
  3. Composting Basics
  4. Making Humus
  5. Nutrients in the Compost Pile
  6. Hot Composting
  7. Compost Particle Size
  8. Oxygen in Compost Piles
  9. Moisture in Compost Piles
  10. Size for Compost Piles
  11. Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio in Compost
  12. Compost & Climate
  13. The Fertilizing Value of Compost
  14. Growing Plants in Compost
  15. Sourcing Compost Materials
  16. List of Common Compost Ingredients
  17. Compost Bins
  18. How to Build a Compost Bin
  19. Compost Tumblers
  20. Grinders & Shredders
  21. Sheet composting
  22. Mulch Gardening
  23. Vermicomposting
  24. Worms for Vermicomposting
  25. Worm Compost Bins
  26. Bedding & Soil for Vermicomposting
  27. Redworms
  28. Setting up your Worm Bin
  29. Feeding Your Worms
  30. Vermicomposting Troubleshooting
  31. Garbage Can Composting
  32. Humus and Soil Productivity
  33. Earthworms & Soil Fertility
  34. Microbes & Soil Fertility
  35. Maintaining Soil Humus
  36. Fertilizing Vegetables with Compost
  37. Soil and the Nutritional Quality of Food
  38. Climate and Food Nutrition
  39. Fertilizing Gardens Organically
  40. Making Complete Organic Fertilizer
  41. Making Superior Compost
  42. Curing Your Compost Heap
  43. Bibliography

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