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Terrorism Survival

Throughout human history, there have been many threats to the security of nations. These threats have brought about large-scale losses of life, the destruction of property, widespread illness and injury, the displacement of large numbers of people, and devastating economic loss.

Recent technological advances and ongoing international political unrest are components of the increased risk to national security.

Use Part 4 to learn what actions to include in your family disaster plan to prepare for and respond to terrorist threats.

When you complete Part 4, you will be able to:

  • Recognize important terms.
  • Take protective measures for terrorist threats.
  • Know what actions to take if an event occurs.
  • Identify resources for more information about terrorist threats.
  • General Information about Terrorism
  • Bombing Survival
  • Biological Weapon Survival
  • Chemical Weapon Survival
  • Nuclear Bomb Survival
  • Dirty Bomb Radiation Survival
  • Homeland Security Advisory System

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