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Thread: Only in Kalifornia

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    Default Only in Kalifornia

    Only in Kalifornia would an entire neighborhood and all the officials in the town NOT know how to handle this situation!

    Down in Tennessee I lived in an area where the suburban deer problem got to be a health and traffic hazard. What was the answer?

    The city declared the area an "urban hunting preserve". Archery only between the hours of 4am and 8am with all kills going to the local food bank.

    Strangely, they killed a dozen deer and the rest went to live somewhere else!
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    "The pigs have been coming," said Corona resident Judy Gardner. "They came here to my house on Halloween night, and then they came back on Veterans Day, and probably going to be here for Thanksgiving."

    That's easy. California will just cancel all holidays. Problem solved.


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