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Passing on the Knowledge

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It seems to me, as the years pass, the ability of man to provide for himself in the wild has become a lost art. In the United States our modern society has evolved into a proficient system of providing all necessities by monetary exchange. I feel this has led to much of society being insecure in a time of crisis. We depend on the dollar to take care of our needs, but this is dependant on a fully functioning infrastructure and a supporting economy. We've seen many tragic situations, due to weather related occurrences, that have totally shut down the common means of providing for ones self. Whole communities have fallen into chaos as people look for outside help to provide for their needs. It is a sad situation when Americans can no longer stand on their own to feet in a time of crisis.

I believe when a person can go to the woods and support himself, a level of self confidence is built. There's no need to be a "survivalist" as some train to be. But, being comfortable, in a unheated tent, in the middle of a cold winter season can make a person more confident when their power goes out at home. Being able to start a campfire and cook a meal can be of help in many situations. The woods can be isolating and at times inhospitable. Basic camp skills provide a person the ability to overcome these hardships and adapt to a more simple way of life. These abilities can get a person through some tough times durring a crisis.

As a professional guide I instruct wilderness skills for a living. I also volunteer my time to teach these same skills to Boy Scouts, park service programs, special clubs & organizations. I feel everyone who has outdoors skills should make some kind of effort to pass their skills on to others. Some of the more primitive skills are becoming a lost art. These skills need to be saved. Children need to get back outdoors. People need to stand up and be confident in them selves in times of hardship. The outdoors is the best forum, available to everyone, to learn self confidence.

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