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Thread: Survival with an axe only - Lokkin gfor video

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    Default Survival with an axe only - Lokkin gfor video


    There is a video with a native surviving with an axe only.
    This was on TV
    He made a canoe and a bear deadfall

    He was with a journalist and camera man
    Do you have the link to this video?

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    Post #2 of this thread has the link. The woodsman's name is Angus Baptiste.
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    I was just pondering using an Estwing roofing hammer as a small portable axe.. I've got a ton of Estwing hammers from my years in the carpentry trade and I can't seem to pass one up for a couple of bucks at a yard sale.

    I'm the same way with those pushdrills with the bits in the handle.. I see them at yard sales and pick them up and give them a shake. If you hear a rattling sound, that means there are bits in the handle.. They're like finding gold to me.. Went to a sale one time and a guy had a small tackle box and when I opened it up it was loaded with all kinds of bits, a lot for my push drills and then a lot of other bits.. $5 and it was mine..

    Hello, my name is Kl0an and... I'm a yard sale addict..

    I actually counted how many of those push drills I had.. It was 34 at that time.. and I've picked up a few more since.. One I have is even made by Craftsman..

    I've got a couple new in the boxes as well..

    OK.. backing away now.. Looking out the window at my 14'x60' shop.. My drills are out there... alone... with just their friends to keep them company....

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