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Thread: Pistol Braces Still legal BATFE Backs Off

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    Default Pistol Braces Still legal BATFE Backs Off

    BATFE apparently didn't expect the flood of emails when they asked for input about their proposal to make some pistol braces illegal.

    Them - "uh...well...ok then. Nevermind."

    And just like that, we shut down that infringement. Thanks to every gun organization, magazines, bloggers, youtube gurus, gun owners, and some politicians (WHAAAT?). We are more than "they" think.

    President elect Harris. Are you paying attention?

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    I wrote all my representatives about this apparently others did as well and it worked. The power of pen and paper. While I was writing them I invited some anti-gun politicians
    to the shooting range in the spring to watch people shoot, talk with them and just learn about guns and people that shoot. I told them I'm not going to change your opinions about
    guns but after an afternoon at the gun range hopefully you can legislate on something you know a little about.
    Last fall in Illinois the legislature was trying to pass a bill that would force the courts to enforce gun laws already on the books I know Illinois representatives personally that were unaware all gun owners get background checks when we apply fo


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