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Thread: GPS Help Please 07/12/2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyratshooter View Post
    Dogman if you are in the woods you are not going to have cell service anyway.

    The only places where there is reliable service is in urban areas and along the interstate highways. I live in a rural area, about 2 miles from the interstate in the hills of KY and I get 1 bar on a good day. Meaning that I can send out a text but seldom send or receive voice. Sometimes the text does not get through for 24 hours. Another mile back from the highway and there is nothing, however, my downloaded apps still work as does my GPS on the phone.

    The Iphone out in the woods is a miniature computer storing your maps and navigation apps. It can also contain plant and animal recognition software, whole books on woodcraft, tracking, and emergency preparedness.

    In the process of the aging deal one of the things I have lost is the ability to walk for any distance, so my hiking into the back country has ended.

    I still like to camp but my camping is now of the drive-in nature. Bit I don't just drive-in to many of my campsites in the Jeep. I also ride motorcycles and I have started using the motorbike as a pack mule, and it is the type of bike that can get me into places where my Jeep would tremble and protest.

    Right up there on the handle bars sits a GPS and my phone dialed into the GPS app to back up the dedicated GPS.

    Not being way back in the woods is not that big a deal for me since I finally discovered that no matter where I go I can sit down for that "quiet time" and still hear vehicles pass on the roads that surround the patch of woods I have retreated too. That is a by product of living in the eastern U.S.

    That was one of the things that irritated the crap out of me on the Appellation Trail. You could hike all day and think you were in the middle of nowhere and sit down at a shelter for the night and hear a vehicle pass somewhere down the mountain.

    Alone time??? I don't need any more of that than I have. My wife died 10 years ago and my family lives hundreds of miles away. Then a virus came along and eliminates me meeting up with friends or having any normal social interactions.

    I have all the stinking alone time I can stand!

    That is why I am sitting at the computer conversing with someone that is typing in all bold print and don't really want to be talked too, but just keeps coming back.
    Sorry to learn of the loss of your wife from ten years ago. To address so of your questions but First let me responed to the one you stated last. As for MY being alone were all differaunt. As for BOLD PRINT, Ive been informed that means your YELLING. I'm not yelling just makeing a point. I've seen that is comic books, but I dont write a comic strip. As for responing to others, if you ask me a question and I like you (and I like everyone ) I will respond. If I don't like you, I may speck less and if I am writing I will someone I don't like I will respond but less.

    Now to your questions above. A phone on the trail is a nosences and a weight I do care for and then there are chargers. But I have found what I think will work for myself is the "Garmin Mini" At 70-years I have a few hikes left in me and will send it one of my gradchildern who is an aviod hikers.

    Sorry to learn of your lack in ability to walk long distances and using aids to get into areas you can not on foot. I have nothing to say good about jeeps. FORD is bring back the BRONCO and they start at 25.000 up to 50.000 before you start adding stuff. I think my friends as they have with FORD trucks will like them in AZ. As there only about 25-men called "Shadow Wolf" I never had the blood line but did learn to read signs in the sand along with many others. But not as good as my brothers behind the shields. Unlike you if you want me to know something you have to tell me as I'm very hard headed and make every effort of not getting something that is not stated. As I had hurt someone bad along time back for something I thought they had said about my first wife after she had past away some 30-years ago.

    So we all have our stories and resons most of my hiking trips are solo and I'm very happy when on the trail most trips. Thanks I have enjoyed both respones you have contribited to this post thanks.
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