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Thread: B.P. Hawken Kit Build

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    Like I said, I know the irritation of not having access to BP.

    I wish we had a good photo posting link. I have one "work around" that you would not believe.

    Early on I decided that with good flint lock actions being very expensive, and me only able to shoot one rifle at a time, I would inlet all my guns to use the Siler large lock. I could move that $250 lock from gun to gun. It works well and I now have 3-4 of the locks to use on my 6-8 flint guns.

    With BP being scarce at that time I decided to "make do" in a novel way. I ordered an extra frizzen for the Siler lock. I cut the striking surface, the battery, from the frizzen and then drilled and tapped the pan cover for a #11 nipple.

    I have a small block of metal that I can clamp in the jaws of the flint hammer that strikes the cap set on that nipple screwed into the top of the pan cover.

    I do not have to have a drum and nipple or change anything on the gun, I just change out the modified frizzen pan cover for the flint frizzen and clamp that piece of metal in place of the flint. I can put that on any of the Siler locks I have and instantly convert to percussion.

    You can load it with pyrodex, prime it with pyrodex and shoot it like a regular percussion gun.

    It looks like crap on a cracker and I take it off of my "pretty guns" so no one sees it, but it lets me shoot even if only pyrodex is available.

    Yep, I was pretty desperate when I thought that up!
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    That's a great way to work around a flint to percussion. I'm fortunate when it comes to bp. My father and myself bought a case a peice years back. Still have a bunch of it left.
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    I think we're going to see a lot more DIY stuff on everything. Not just BP. I decided to get around to finishing an ar pistol and found compete uppers in 300 blk a bit scarce. Especially if you know exactly what you want. Actually good because it turned me back to completing my Hawken's first.


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