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Thread: Cannot register

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    Sheepdog Bob

    Default Cannot register

    Despite filling in the form half a dozen times, when I try to register it says that I need to prove that I am a human. I have checked the box and changed the letter, but the system still says that I still need to prove that I am human! The problem may be that I am using a public library computer. I am wondering if this is a reincarnation of the Bushcraft Forum of a couple of years ago.

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    Ouch. That hurt. No, we are not a reincarnation of that other place. We've been around for a looooong time. As for not being able to log in, I just tried the Captcha and it worked for me so I'm wondering if it does have something to do with the library system. When you check the Captcha box are you seeing a list of pictures that you have to check? For example, does it ask you to click on all the traffic lights or all the crosswalks? If you are not seeing those then something is wrong on that end. You have to do more than just check the box. There should be nine small pictures appearing. Let me know.

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