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Thread: why be so stupid as to not take basic, modern gear with you in the bush?

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    Default why be so stupid as to not take basic, modern gear with you in the bush?

    it's just a few lbs. If the weight bothers you, then lose that same weight in blubber and you'll be ahead. There will be plenty of difficulties even without such stupidity.

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    Never Mind please delete. I could not figure out how to delete my reply.
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    I would reply but he wouldn't get it. Looks like our wonderful moderators dropped the ban hammer on him/her. GOOD JOB GUYS
    If by what I have learned over the years, allow me to help one person to start to prepare. If all the mistakes I have made, let me give one person the wisdom that allows them to save their life or the life of a loved one in an emergency. Then I will truly know that all the work I have done will have been worth every minute.

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    Yes, thanks guys, he was getting on my nerves.
    If you didn't bring jerky what did I just eat?

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    What do you suppose he's like in person? Does he walk around trying to get everyone to hate him? What a life. smh

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    You say that like it's a bad thing... If I had a basement like that to live in, I'd be there.. As for now, I have my 14'x60' with half of that having a loft above if I want to move out of my house.. Some days I spend the whole day out there, into the late hours.. Wife never comes out there, never calls.. Ahhh.. Reminds me, I need to plug in my cooler and hot plate to cook up a few meals out there..

    I'm one house payment away from cashing in and going full time van-life..
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