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    Hello, I am new here but not new to prepping. I hope I can contribute some good info to help anyone out as well as finding info on here that will help me out. Thanks for having me.

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    Hello and welcome.
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    Welcome home.

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    Hello and Welcome

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    Hi to all,
    my name is Mike, age 59 and I am new to the forum. I am looking forward to retirement in another 27th months and have some ideas about how I want to spend the next 20 or so years. I have some experience with smaller livestock and biodynamic farming but farming is pretty hard work and Im just not up for it at this point, but I am still interested in livestock, chiefly browsers that could live with little care (but need security) on mixed forest or brushland. Anybody who might be interested in buying land in Arkansas or neighboring states, should feel free to contact me. I ideally would be looking for a couple of young/healthy people or a young family to partner with, and I could be an important missing piece of the plan, regular cash flow for livestock (but not infrastructure or land). Let me know if there is anyone interested. I am very pleased for the wisdom of the forums and hope to learn alot. Peace.. Mike

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    Welcome from Alaska. Hope to hear more from you.
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