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    Hi ladies & Gents ...

    Iíve got a small size spools which fits into my EDC Kit , the spool will make up my ď needle & thread ď repair kit .... I.e repairing tents , sleeping bag , clothing , You get the idea .

    So youíve guest the question what SINGLE thread do I purchase .

    Iíve just spent the last few days reading about #


    And Iím still no wiser !

    Any ideas please just chime in pros and cons please , STRENGTH been the paramount .

    Thanks for any advice in advance.


    And for the curious .. Alba was the Roman name for Britain.

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    You have spent the last few days studying thread?

    Yep you are a Brit!

    Thread is not such a big deal, or complicated enough, to take more than a few minutes out of your life dealing with it.

    You might want to look into a nice cotton quilters thread available at any sewing shop. It costs a couple of dollars a spool. It will do all you desire and I know that some of the quilts my grandmother made using the stuff are still going strong nearly 100 years latter. My sister still uses them on her beds.

    Of course if you ask an American survival website what the best survival thread might be you are eventually going to get the answer that it is the inner strands of 550 parachute cord!

    And there is one strand included in 550 cord that is more fine than the others and I always suspected it was for sewing yourself up like Rambo.
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