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    Hello Crashdive 123.

    I saw your you tube video and it reminded me of my good friend from grade school all through high school.One of the nicest guys you could ever meet.IRRC We were in 7th grade metal shop together.

    Jim could say "Waaay Doggies" just like Jeb Clampett better than anyone ever could! A fond memory of him i still have.

    Jim died tragically from falling off his horse as it jumped a downfall and Jim landed on an arrow while Elk hunting in Colorado.The guides with him knew the wound was fatal and could only make camp and comfort him.I don't know the whole story but this is what i was told.

    I was told he won the 1974 Knife makers guild award? Any links for info would be great.

    I did just find this.

    Seems he died in 1983.I am confused. After high school we each went our own way.
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    Sorry, don't know anything about him.
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    Here's an article that mentions him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by natertot View Post
    Here's an article that mentions him.
    Thanks. i appreciate it.

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    You should be able to find that at your local college. I assume education is free in Serbia.


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