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    Hey guys I need some suggestions. Lookin to pick up a new go-to backpack. I'm 6'2, 220 and will be using this pack for hiking/backpacking/BOB. Preferably frameless with several compartments. Must be Molle compatible and have a waist strap. Hydration compartment is optional. I Backpack thru the Alabama woods and the South East. Hope this helps with the question. Ask about any details I left out. Thanks yall
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    Hunter63 saying Hey and Welcome.
    There is an intro section at to say hello and maybe tell us a bit about yourself.

    As far as a pack.....The link Crash provided is most likely the best check list of questions to answer for a pack I have ever seen.

    As everyone is different, ....gear carried and uses in various location will dictate what may work best for you.
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    Thanks a ton Crash. And Hunter too. I checked out the list and tried to edit accordingly. Let me know if I missed anything.

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    Why do you want a frameless pack for backpacking? Why do you want a frameless pack, and then one with a waist strap?

    I think you are asking for 3 different packs. A hiking pack is different from a backpacking pack. A backpacking pack can be similar to a BOB, as can a hiking pack, but that all depends on what you consider a BOB. It is fine having a hiking pack that is frameless. You generally put less than 10 lbs in it for just hiking. For backpacking, you either need to be ultralight (less than 30lbs total... food/water) or you need a frame and suspension system. My guess is that you aren't below 30 lbs because if you were, you wouldn't be asking on this forum. You would already be a member of the few ultralight backpacking forums and would have spent more research time, and equipment purchase and experimentation time on your gear. And, then you would be asking more specific questions on those forums for a light pack.

    Do you already have a backpacking pack? What is your backpacking gear weight?

    With that all said...I recommend an ILBE. It is better for a BOB than backpacking...simply because it is heavy. It has MOLLE all over it. It is comfortable. Way overkill for hiking.

    You can always try a condor pack as well.
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