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Thread: TICKS! Hate hate hate them

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    Angry TICKS! Hate hate hate them

    I mistakenly thought, that with the ridiculously cold and long winter that we had, that the TICK population would be decimated. I COULD NOT OF BEEN MORE WRONG. WE ACTUALLY HAVE MORE TICKS THIS YEAR THAN WE'VE HAD IN THE 4 YEARS WITH ON THE LAND.

    Apparently, the deep snow cover that we had for most of the winter, saved the ticks.

    Just walking around on our gravel driveway (12 feet wide), walking on a path that is also 12 feet wide with low grass and no high grass, and working on our short cut lawn gives us ticks.

    My husband is finding over 4 on himself each day, my beautiful daughter with long red hair luckily combed it carefully and found 1 alive crawling, and I have been wearing nonstop "bugs away" or "insect shield" clothing and still find them on me.
    And the poor dog.

    It's not as if were even getting woods time, or hiking, or anything fun like that.

    Okay rant over
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    Sawyer's permethrin spray works well for me. Not cheap but I don't go into the woods without it.

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    I have only seen one tick on me in the past 3 years.

    They do not survive the chickens.

    As far as I am concerned the danger posed by the tick itself is far greater than the danger one might face from using the very efficient chemical repellants on the market today.

    Get some spray.

    There are also excellent repellants for the dog, why let him suffer?
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    I never seem to have a problem wearing DEET. Just remember that the concentration of DEET is how long it will last. The higher the concentration the less often it needs to be applied. However, you don't need anything above 50%. Studies have shown concentrations above 50% have no significant additional protection. Just follow the directions and avoid spraying it in your face.


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