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Thread: Teaching Primitive/ Survival Skills to fellow students

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    OK Wtrfwlr, you got me! I was on a roll and hitting keys pretty fast.

    Do we even have a spell check?

    My Bic lighters will not work under water, neither will my Zippo.

    I did run to the sink just now and dunk a Bic. It would not spark immidiately. I slung the water out of it, blew on it a couple of times and had a flame in 30 seconds. Had a spark almost immidiately but the water took a while to get out of the butane nozzle.
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    I don't know about spell check here on the forum site? I have Window Vista and it is an option I can turn on or off and it checks everything I write.
    Your right about if you dry the Bic's back out they will spark again, I've never gotten mine to spark and light again that fast though. I have blown the water out of them and then run the little striker wheel up and down my dry pants leg and that get's her making sparks again pretty quick.
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