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  1. This is a link I had saved on dehydrating ground beef. This guy says it'll last a year on the shelf but I'd be leary of that. I have done this once and used extra lean ground chuck, worked well but was not as flavorful as I had hoped.

  2. Haven't seen a basket weaving machine but have seen one that wove mats, and it is not much of a step from there to baskets. The mats were done by loading a conveyor with bundles of reed/grasses which passed them though a section of equipment that spread them flat and trimmed them to a uniform length and sorted them by width. These sorted stacks were then machine woven similar to cloth on a loom with a treadle that raised and lowered alternating stems/leaves and stitched across the ends to make floor mats and window blinds. It would only be a matter of cutting and folding to make the flat mats into baskets. I suspect many of the cheap easter baskets sold each year are done with a similar process.

  3. hey thanks for the info. can you tell me more about the basket machine? have you seen one in operation? i would love to see that.
    i hear you talkin man its a bummer that so much of american labor is being exported or handed to illegal immigration. but whats even more of a bummer is that no one demands products produced by ledal labor. everyone says "buy american!" but no one says "buy products made with legal labor!". where is that movement?? why isnt that happening?? plus americans wont work for the price that overseas or illegal labor will. its just dollars and cents but the CONSUMER has to be held accountable as well. not just corporate america.
  4. thanks but wasn't realy lookin for kudo's...she asked how to transport and boil water. btw nice site however minor point..a machine can be made to make baskets but it is not cost effective. I work building machines, I know it can be done however we can pay fifty foreigners for a year to do it for the cost of a machine and employ mexicans while americans go hungry. D.O.M.
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