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  1. Thanks John. My Ultra Rifle has not had that problem, nor has my 45/70. I used a lubricant on the ejector and it works a little better, but I will go to graybeards and see if they have any other solutions.

  2. John

    I am having a problem with my son's Handi Rifle. It is not ejecting the shells every time after it is fired. It ejects part of the time, but not all the time. Have you ever heard of a problem like this before?

  3. John

    I went out this morning for a couple of hours and only saw squirrells, maybe tomorrow will be better.

  4. John

    I just got back from the range and it is set at 2" high at 100 yards. I really wanted 1.5" high at 100, but it is so "dead on the money" center at 100 yard that I just left it alone. The recoil was not as bad as a buddy of mine told me it would be and I got my "zero" shot in nine rounds. "Primitive Weapon" season starts here in the morning and I will see if I have any luck.

  5. John

    I went to my local gun shop and had them mount the Nikon BDC scope on it. It seem a little silly to put a scope with M.O.A. rings out to 250 yards on a 45/70, but they swear that if I get it sighted in at 100 yards the rings or circles will be dead on the money out to 250 yards if I use te Hornady LeverEvolution rounds with it. I am somewhat skeptical, but I plan to find out this afternoon.

  6. Hey Hunter don't you have a Handi Rifle in .45-70? I just got a bonus today and am thinking about buying one. But I am curious about how accurate they are. How does yours shoot? I have heard of several people who had trouble getting tight groups and had to place a spacer under the barrel lug to free float the barrel. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?
  7. I have only been in your state twice but it was beautiful country. Where do you liver in southern Wisconsin?
  8. hunter63 I just sent you a friends request. Anyone who shoots Smiths has to be my kind of guy!
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