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  1. Proenneke vs. McCandless, an observation.

    With all the "Bear vs. Les" stuff we had on the site I couldn't help noticing the stories of these two men who followed their dream to live in the wilds of the Alaskan Wilderness. Both Chris McCandless (CM) & Dick Proenneke (DP) set out to actually live their dream, only one made it. The following are my observations and opinions only based on what I've seen & read.

    1st, DP, was a realist while CM was a romantic dreamer. DP faced the actual reality of what ...

    Updated 04-25-2008 at 11:27 PM by Sarge47 (Corrected spelling.)

  2. Making a Gourd Canteen or Water Bottle

    I use a gourd canteen and my son uses a gourd water bottle when out trekking, we make our own so I thought I'd share how I make them for us and friends.
    The type of gourds that were most used for lasting containers were of the type Lagenaria whose white blossoms open towards evening and grow on aggressive vines. They require a long growing season to mature and are extremely cold sensitive. They are mostly light green with sometimes some white mottling, never brightly colored. They have a woody ...
  3. Survival Story #1.

    If you want Survival Stories; here's one.

    Exclamation The shocking reality!
    Here's the skinny, boys and girls, until you're literally faced with a life or death situation, no one knows for sure what they're gonna do! It's easy to sit inside the safety & comfort of our homes and hit the keys on our computer writing all these words down, or even go out into the woods on our own little solo trips & come home okay...but no one really believes that really bad things can ...
  4. Tempering Steel

    Tempering steel for your flintlock
    By Beowulf65

    Many of us will eventually make parts for our flinters which require hardening. This presentation is an attempt to help people understand what they are doing and how to accomplish it. A more complete explanation can be found in Machinery's Handbook in its many editions.
    Tempering refers to heating steel above a critical temperature, then cooling it rapidly to freeze it in a very hard state followed by rewarming it to an intermediate
  5. Proper Pelt Care

    Check it out babypops, you went to all the trouble of preparing your traps and then trapping your furbearing animal, and now what. Here are a few things I do and the way I do it.
    Proper Pelt Care
    Care should be taken when removing animals from traps especially if they are frozen. Simply prying an animal out of a trap may remove portions of fur and damage pelts. If furbearers are completely frozen in traps, it would be wise to take the furbearer still in the trap ...
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