The Unexpected Benefits of a Bullet Proof Vest


As any good Survivalist understands the art of survival lies in preparation. This can mean learning and understanding a variety of new concepts, training your body and improving your fitness, or collecting useful equipment. All of this is vital to survival, as it will set you in far better standing in any potentially hazardous situation. As part of this preparation, you will likely find yourself learning about interesting new ideas and products, as well as learning skills you may not have considered before in the past. One such example is body armor, which far too few know anything about. However, a bullet proof vest, for example, can be of great benefit to any Survivalist, in many different situations.

The first thing to understand, however, is what exactly body armor is. The term ‘body armor’ can refer to many different products, all of which have different advantages and disadvantages and can offer you protection against different threats. The most common example of body armor is a bullet proof vest, which naturally offers protection against bullets. It can also offer protection against any number of attacks, however, thanks to the materials used in the vest.

The soft Kevlar used in most bullet proof vests is capable of absorbing and dispelling large amounts of energy, which is what allows it to stop bullets. This also means that it will mitigate some of the impact of any attack, and in transportation accidents in particular bullet proof vests have proven to be useful in preventing otherwise fatal injuries. This is one of the reasons why body armor is a useful piece of equipment for Survivalists, as it provides easy protection against a variety of threats.

Indeed, one of the major benefits of body armor is that it is far more accessible than ever. As the industry develops, armor is increasingly becoming thinner and lighter than ever, meaning even high grade protection can be worn comfortably for extended periods. This means that you can wear a vest in almost any environment without being hindered in terms of movement or comfort.

Similarly, almost all armor is available in both covert and overt styles, meaning it can be worn underneath or over clothing respectively. Covert armor is of particular use to most, as it can be worn underneath clothing. This means that you can wear a vest anywhere, allowing you to be prepared for the worst no matter where you are. Moreover, some manufacturers provide covert vests that utilize materials specifically designed to help keep the wearer cool, making it exceptionally comfortable.

Of course, it is not only ballistics that you will need protection against, particularly if you do find yourself in a post-societal environment. While bullet proof vests can, as we have seen, mitigate the damage caused by a number of things, it cannot stop edged or spiked weapons. This means that anything with a sharp edge or a spiked point can still cause you serious injuries even when wearing a bullet proof vest.

Stab or spike proof vests will often still have some ballistic protection, because of the protective capabilities outlined above. However, they will also use additional materials like chainmail and plastic laminate that can provide a tough surface to stop weapons like knives and needles. One of the surprising benefits of this is that a stab or spike proof vest can help protect against animal attacks, helping defend against teeth and claws.

As you can see, body armor is a useful and easily accessible item that can greatly benefit anyone. However, for those who pride themselves on being prepared and ready to face the unexpected, a protective vest can provide numerous benefits in a comfortable package, and should be considered by anyone who expects to face injury.


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  1. Great article about how a safety vest works, I do believe that if you are working as a security personnel in any capacity you should have your won’t vest. Be it bullet proof or just a stab proof vest, will one day save your life.

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