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Thread: A Way To Find Water

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    Quote Originally Posted by wareagle69 View Post
    excellent point to bring up young lady but let me expand upon that.

    when out in the cold your body does not send as much blood to your extremities, it keeps it close in to your core to protect the vital organs, now if you start eating cold snow directly, which yes you can by the way, just not in a situation where i know i will not be able to get warm soon, but as you are ingesting cold snow it lowers your body temperature in your core which means that your body not only needs to burn more calories but more importantly it will restrict blood flow even more to your extremities and your brain but also lead you into hypothermia much more quiclkly.
    maybe one of you smart fellers here can find my threads from last year on hypothermia
    yes thats true but you would only need to get it hot. boiling it would only make you have to wait a bit longer to drink it.

    by the way where did you go you seemed to disappear for a while. its nice to see you.
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    ah the ol eagle was out living life learning training experimenting, keeping it real, so as to be able to help others, also shifted my focus a bit on emergency preparedness, see my blog that i have just statred. also got a new horse so been busy traiining her for the bush, nice to know i was missed
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    As far as Bug-In, one remaining task (of the many) for me is power for the well. Ground water is scarce in these parts. Small generator, full house generator, wind mill, solar, etc.?
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