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Thread: Wilderness Living Dreams or Delusions

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    I know this post is old I'm sorry I'm new to this and don't know how to post a new thread!! Can people please send ok private msg or reply to this comment so I no I get it for sure ANYWAYS I'm looking to get out in to the wilderness for a few years if not longer now I want to be able to have my atv and be able to go from place to place travel to different parts in the wilderness and just live with out Society and I was thinking Alaska does anybody have any suggestions kind a down to a area by chance

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    Hello! I found your post super helpful. We are in the beginning process of purchasing a cabin from Hillcrest. Anything you would change with your cabin or tips on working with Hillcrest? I have a hard time getting a hold of them a lot of the time. Can you send some pictures of your cabin when you got it? Your links below didn't work for me. Thanks!

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    Not sure you will get a response from the original poster Since his post is 13.5 years old and he hasn't logged on in 6 years. You never know though - maybe somebody else will be able to help. Glad you asked, and welcome to the forum.
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