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Thread: Modified Deadfall

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    If I COULD build a dead fall big enough to kill a bear I would save myself a lot of trouble. Just cut a willow switch and go after the critter, which I could easily do if I didn't have a bad back.
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    I devised a similar trap using just whatever I had laying around. I think the video explains it well enough. The design is very simple.
    (hopefully I linked the video correctly)
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    Looks complicated but also very creative.. I like this idea
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    Crude and efficient! Its hard for me to not like that deadfall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat Eater View Post
    YES the first one I made was 8' tall and used a block and tackle to raise 4 20' 24"dia logs all tied together, the lower ends were about 3 feet off the ground at the back. my guess would be 1000' pounds or so. I made four more for other people easier than digging a pit!
    Hey this looks like the solution to trapping hogs better than my wacky snare idea. Though I think I'd better practice making and using the trigger before messing around with a half ton of logs. Good ideas thanks for posting.
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    I like the modification of the Paiute Deadfall design... However, it might be easier to get the top piece to balance on the supports if the supports formed an 'X' and you could put the top piece between the two supports then and it couldn't slip off and accidentally release the stone. I've built a few small paiute's and I use a forked stick stuck in the ground to hold up the top piece. Much more stable than the traditional one where its all balanced on the top of one stick.

    Paiute Deadfall 1000 px.jpg
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