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    Default hey all

    hey all im scott im 14 and i love all this survivile stuff and really wanna get good at it
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    yo im 14 to and i wannaget good at it

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    Cool Youngblood...

    Hi there RugbyNut, and Welcome to the forum! It's great to see another teen, interested in this WAY Cool, Survival stuff! Looks like you're gonna have to cut back on the ball-kickin', in a field and get amped up on handlin' a knife and fire in the bush! That's a LARGE jump and one that most kids don't, won't or can't do, these days. You are one of the luckier teens, with yer head screwed on right so far! Glad to see you found your way to this forum. You are certainly on the right path for your journey now, little buddy!

    Lookin' forward to reading your posts in here. Maybe you will get a new "bushy" name to use even, now that you are becoming a woodsman?



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