Welcome to the Forums!

It’s become a Forum tradition for all new members to write their first post as a new thread in our Introduction Forum. We simply ask that you announce your arrival here by saying “Hello” and telling us a little bit about yourself. As a social networking site, it helps all members if we know a little bit about each other.

An Introduction is not mandatory nor is it a requirement for membership. We understand that everyone has privacy concerns about disclosing personal information on the internet. Therefore, we suggest that you begin your membership by only posting general information about yourself which you feel comfortable making public. We request that you post an introduction for a number of reasons, including.

1. It’s nice to know a bit about the people you are “talking” to; and

2. Many new members arrive here with questions about a myriad of topics which require specific knowledge of your circumstances to properly answer. Depending on the question you ask, our advice will in all probability be different depending upon your age, geographical location, skill level, training, experience, and objectives; and

3. Many new members arrive here offering advice as well. It’s only fair that we know your general qualifications to offer such advice, particularly when that advice is being offered to a less experienced member.

Many friendships have been made on the Forums, and our members willingly offer each other a wealth of sound advice based on years of experience in a number of fields and endeavors. A good introduction will make everyone’s participation here a more rewarding experience for all.

We ask that your Introduction include as much of the following information, and any other relevant information, that you feel comfortable disclosing:

(Suggestion – You may cut and paste and edit the following guide in your Introductory post.)
Your Approximate Age

Your Gender

Your Geographic Location (small town in West Virginia, family ranch in Texas, or the “the Lower East Side”)

Your Occupation (present and relevant past, such as military, technical, etc.)

Your Prior Relevant Training (all types, such as first aid, military, firearms, survival, etc.)

The Nature of Your Prior Experience (Terrain, Season, Number of times/years, and longest duration in Wilderness)

Your Level of Experience (novice, intermediate, advanced, expert, instructor, etc.)

Your Preparedness Planning (type and level)

Your Interests and Hobbies (gardening, wilderness skills, urban survival preparation, knife-making, firearms, food storage, backpacking, etc. )

Your Membership and Learning Objectives
Thank you! We look forward to your participation in the Forums!

After you post your Introduction, you may want to take a few minutes to read our general Forum Rules:http://www.wilderness-survival.net/forums/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_faq#faq_vb3_board_usage