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Thread: Pull-tab food cans?

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    Default Pull-tab food cans?

    I have read that Spam, Stagg Chili, corned beef, etc, can have an indefinite shelf life. However, these all have pull-tab lids. Maybe the spam and corned beef would be ok, but wouldn't you think a can that requires a can opener would potentially last longer than a pull-tab can due to the seal?

    What do you guys think? I tried to dig around and I couldn't find much on the subject.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    If its sealed, its sealed but you would think that pull-tabs might have a lower tolerance to changes in temp or just getting banged around in all types of conditions because that lid is thin.

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    Thanks for the help. I guess this will open the possibilities of what a person can buy.

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    Just ate some spam yesterday and the can says its best by 2012, so figure an apporximate 3 year shelf life.

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    The "best by" date just means the product will have the best taste and nutrition until that date. It will still be edible after that date but it might not be as flavorful and some of the nutritional value might decrease. Use common sense, of course, and don't hang on to the milk that long.

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    I've seen them being made back in MN and yet I still eat them. Others that were along on the tour, not so interested afterwords. I'd hate to see what they look like when they go bad, but then I've eaten 30 yr old C-rations. I remember seeing some in a vending machine out in the south pacific, right between the M&Ms and Snickers bars.

    Not to get to far off topic, but what else is going to go flying off the shelves besides guns, ammo and spam? I may need to make some quick short term investments

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