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    When approaching this forum it is important to distinguish between several broad categories of what you'll read here. The following three topics get thrown around quite often as we tend to be interested in all three. You do need to know this in order to make sense out of this place.

    - This is the art and science of physically surviving a life threatening emergency in the wilderness. The main idea here is to survive your circumstances until you can either get yourself back to civilization or be rescued.

    BUSHCRAFT AND PRIMITIVE SKILLS - This is the art and science of actually living in the wilderness using intimate knowledge of natural resources combined with intelligence and skill at using basic tools to create living conditions.

    SURVIVALISM - This is the art and science of preparing to confront the challenges of a breakdown in civilization itself. As far fetched as it may seem in an apocalyptic sense of this idea, breakdowns are a matter of degree and location and are fairly regular in the form of hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes.

    There is a great deal of overlap between these disciplines because part of the goal is the same "living by your own resources". It is a matter of taking responsibility for your own life and advancing in the multitude of skills that combine to create stable conditions around you. Mac
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