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    Default Viewing the Printable Version

    For those of you that are new, you might find something on the forum that is interesting and you'd like to print it out. You can do that without printing all the graphics and wasting your color by choosing to view the Printable Version.

    On the thread you are viewing click on Thread Tools in the green banner just above the first post. The very first option that displays is

    Show Printable Version

    If you click on it, the thread will display in black and white without ads. Go ahead and try it right now. You won't get lost!!!!

    Use your browser options to print (File>Print) or hit the Crtl and P keys together. Most browsers will display the Print Control Panel.

    When you want to return back to the standard forum viewing, the top of the page displays an options tree that looks like:

    Wilderness Survival Forums (
    - Site, Quiz, and Forum Feedback (
    - - Viewing the Printable Version (

    The top option is the main page of the forums. You can click on it to return to viewing the main page in standard mode.

    The middle option is the section the thread is in. You will return to standard viewing mode in that section.

    The bottom option is the current thread you are on. You can click on it to return to viewing the thread in standard mode.

    Go ahead and click on the bottom option right now!!!! It will take you straight back to the standard viewing mode for this post.

    You will print out the entire thread using this method but it will be less expensive to print out your favorite menu. You won't be wasting your ink cartridge by printing all the forum colors.

    If you want to get really fancy, use the method above to Show Printable Version. Highlight only that part you want to print by holding down your mouse button and dragging your cursor across only the wording you want to print. Hit Ctrl and P together to open your print control panel then choose SELECTION under Print range (Page Range if you are using Opera) in the Print Control Panel.

    That way, even if the post is very long, only the part you have selected should print out reducing your ink costs even more. That will let you select just the menu, for example, if that is all you are interested in.

    One more option is the Copy and Paste feature. Once you are in Show Printable Version, highlight the material you are interested in, right click your mouse and select Copy. Open the document (Word for example) where you are keeping the information. Go to the position in the document where you want the information to display, right click your mouse button and select Paste. If you are saving menus, as an example, this will give you a nice clean way to copy and paste the information into your Menus document without a lot of unnecessary clutter.
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