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Thread: Polishing 1095 Carbon Steel

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    Lightbulb Polishing 1095 Carbon Steel

    Are there any sugestions on polishing 1095 carbon steel?

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    it might help if you could describe the condition of the 1095. Are you trying to restore the polish on an existing blade or do you want to bring a polish to a knife you made?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollowmune View Post
    Are there any sugestions on polishing 1095 carbon steel?
    I created a thread for your question so that it does not get lost. As gryffynklm asked, it would be best to know the condition of it now. Rusted? Pitted? Just dull? If it's just dull, some jewelers rouge and a buffing wheel (or 1600 or 3200 grit emory cloth) will bring out a nice shine. If it's rusted or pitted, and depending on how much damage has occured, it may take a bit more work.
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    It can be done even if it's real bad. Here are a before and after on a Ross 1917 bayonet. The handle was the only new piece. Good Luck.
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