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    I was wondering if anyone else has one of those whistles you can buy to keep with you to draw attention to yourself if you are ever attacked or need help? I got one of these awhile back and though I have not had to use it I find that it is very comforting to know that it is there if needed when I am out alone.

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    I never heard of that, but it sounds to me like a good thing to have. You can never have enough of that kind of stuff when you are out there on your own, and a whistle would be very handy.

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    I would feel safer with a shock gun or pepper spray.

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    Well, those are good, too, but what if you are in a place where no-one can see what is going on - wouldn't you want to make some noise?

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    Yes those are also good suggestions. I would just be afraid that my sons would get into the shock gun or the pepper spray. Would be the last time they did if that ever happened though.

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    I know when we go to do recreational prospecting, we always have the kids have a whistle so they can "call" if they need help. They know they are only to blow the whistle if there's a real need. Helps us to feel a little safer, knowing they have a way to contact us if they're not right in eyesight.

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    I think whistles are good for children, but as an adult walking around, I don't know I want one hanging around my neck, and I'd never find it in my pocket.
    I'm sure they're useful, but .....

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    My mom has a whistle. She hangs it on her neck most of the time, whenever she wants my brother's attention in a playground and he's ignoring her.

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    bring a whistle it will help because you wont always be up for yelling

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    I carry a Storm whistle, $6 or so, it's incredibly (plug your ears) loud, and works wet.

    storm whistles/

    No one can yell all day, but anyone can blow a whistle, off and on, all day if they needed to.

    If a person has any sort of injury any yelling at all could be painful.

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    I didn't know other whistles don't work when they're wet. I'd hate to learn that the hard way!

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    Luckily, my dad taught me how to whistle really loudly, so I don't actually NEED a whistle. If I'm hurt, I don't know that I'd be able to form it, or have the breath left to blow, natural one or plastic.

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    I think a loud scream can work wonders. Are you just going to happen to have this whistle when you need it? You have to find it, blow in it, etc.... I would have screamed by then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trick-r-treat View Post
    Are you just going to happen to have this whistle when you need it?
    Yes, I will have the whistle when I need it, I have a small survival kit that goes where I go, it contains a small number of crucial items, including a storm whistle.

    I'll say it again, NO ONE can yell or scream all day, it's simply not possible, you WILL lose your voice after a while. I have a fine yell, in my industry it's referred to as a 'harbor voice', it's simply projecting from the diaphram, like a stage actor does. I couldn't do it all day if my life depended on it. If I scream instead of yell, it will wipe out my voice for a couple of days, been there, done that, many times.

    A good whistle can be heard over a mile away, my harbor voice maxes out at around 100 yards.

    Please don't downplay the importance of a good whistle in a survival kit, they cost less than $10, weigh less than an ounce, and take up very little space.

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    Cool Whistles...

    Hi folks, I agree with DonnyH and Tater. If you don't have one and you spend much time alone out there doing your thing, you REALLY should get one. If you don't go much further than the corner store or your back yard alone, o.k. yelling is fine if ya want to yell. On the other hand, if you DO spend lots of time in the back of beyond alone, then this is not an "opinion" item here friends. The whistle is a very necessary and intelligent piece of any reality based survivalists kit or kits.

    The one I've been testing out for the last two years is a very tough, high impact plastic jobby, with a compass built into one side of it and a thermometer embedded into the other side. There is a 1/4 inch nylon cord to hang it around my neck where I forget all about it until I need it. This little unit is SO handy that I now wear it even when I'm in the city, like it's a part of my clothes now.

    Anyway, If you carry matches or a lighter with you, even though you may never need them, then you should also carry a simple whistle as well, along with your SAK or good modern day equivalent, of course...

    There's my first 2 cents worth...


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    in a pinch that moss stuff that hangs from trees works great for making smoke.. a lot of green stuff will, around here i'd prolly use palm branches. Just make sure you don't burn something that will hurt you.

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    I'm not always the best with abbreviations so I'll probably remember before tomorrow, but what is a SAK?

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    I carry a storm whistle in my pack when I go climbing, or in my pocket when I'm hiking. you may snicker at it but it can save your life if you're ever lost. The human voice doesn't travel well in a forest or anywhere for that matter but if you buy a good whistle it can be heard for miles, not to mention it requires far less energy to use. It will also scare away any predators far better than the human voice.

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    I bought one of these multi-tool kind that has a whistle, compass, thermometer, and magnifying glass (actually caught some oak leaves on fire with the magnifiying lense) from Coghlan. It's pretty good. The whistle is ear drum busting loud, too. It's plastic, so I keep it in my small fanny pack which is always on my belt. Now I'll know just how cold it was this upcoming deer season when sitting in my climbing stand watching frost form on the toe of my boots.

    They got all kinds of camping stuff over at their site, if you are interested.

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    Smile Whistles

    SAK stands for the good ol' Swiss Army Knife, Minwaabi... I have five models, most are over twenty years old and still workin' fine. They've all been tested and re-tested out in the boonies many times and now I am never without one (at least) on me. There is one in my BOB too. That stands for Bug Out Bag or in my case too, Bug Out Bike! :-)

    Bowcatz, I like that Goghlan unit a lot too! Awesome multi-useful rig that is! :-)

    P.S. Hope the doubters are being swayed away from the dark side and into the bright side of whistle validity, in a persons shirt pocket or whatever, by this post started by buddy Tater!



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