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Thread: What Do I Need To Survive in the Wild?

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    Great read sir!

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    Wow, really great post... thank you. I've been primitive camping for a long time and went camping alone for the first time at the age of 12... BUT I've still not had to reallllly survive out there on my own for an indeterminate amount of time. I've got a lot to learn and feel pretty intimidated. This helps!
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    I"ve been at it all my life, and I'd need a rifle, a lot of traps, non-hybrid seeds, a lot of netting, a lot of hooks and line, and a lot of rations to get me thru til I could jerk a lot of meat and gather a lot of nuts, berries, rhisomes, seeds, etc, and get the crops producing. Greens, with rare exceptions, just dont provide much in the way of sustenance. There has to be a lot of them, in a small area, for you to get back more calories than you burn while harvesting and processing them.

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    All that sounds "lazy"
    people are just lazy. Too lazy to do the research and find OUT how third worlders survive
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