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Thread: He is Back

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    Unhappy He is Back

    flipping through the channels and i saw him back on for thoese who don't know we have had a huge fight over bear grylls and he is back they are just reruns but he is back

    the warning says

    Bear Grylls and the crew receive support when they are in potentially life threatening situations, as required by health and safety regulations.

    On some occasions, situations are presented to Bear so he can demonstrate survival techniques.

    Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment

    also the discovery channel has taken him back and is talking nothing of the scandels just a warning they have reposted all his videos on their site too look
    did the world just forget what he did amazeing how desperate discovery is

    i know i have covered the coward in the past but that was before all the rumours got as bad as they were but now i know where my survival buddys
    and grylls is no longer there sorry to the fans if their is any left don't mean to bash him just saying well that is my rant for the day
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    Default Ben Bailey is the real deal (Cash Cab!)

    Well, we know Cash Cab is real...

    Gotta love Ben Bailey! Rrrrrreeeeeeeedddd lllliiiiiiiiiiggggttt chaaaaaaaaaaaaleeeeeengeeee!

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    Cool Check this out.

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