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    Default Hello Survivors

    I hope we can all share in exchanging interesting techniques and ideas on survival.


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    Hellooooo, wishbone. Welcome.
    With Christ, all things are possible.

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    Cool Welcome Wishbone...lbHow

    Howdy there Wishbone! Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to your posts. Where are you from? I live in Ontario.


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    Hi Wishbone, D' here. I live in Pennsylvania in a small town.

    If you have any interesting nature stories, please, do tell.

    My family owns a 350 acre farm in Kitanning PA, I have never taken advantage of the fact it is a perfect place to learn hunting fishing and survival skills in general.

    I am new to this but am willing to learn and exited to share my experiences.

    I am going to take a jouney in a couple of weeks up to the farm to experience what I have learned so far.

    Fire is my first goal, the fire plow, fire bow and fire drill are the techniques that I am going to try. Of course I am going to take a lighter with me just in case.

    Do you know of any other techniques for creating fire from natural resources.

    Preperation is the key to survival, D'

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    I know a primitive way of creating fire, but not necessarily natural. You take something steel, like the flat of a survival knife or machete and scrape different types of rocks against it. Eventually you should find one that generates enough sparks to start a fire. If you can recognize flint and use that, all the better. However, most people can't, and other stones will create sparks, albeit considerably less than flint will, which can be used to start a fire. There is alot more to this, and it is certainly more difficult than I just made it sound, but the introductions forum isn't the place to discuss it. Bring it up elsewhere, like the primitive technology category.

    P.S. Welcome to the forum Wishbone and Bush_crafter!

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