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Thread: snow tips

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    Notice the super moderator under crash's name? That means he's the nose picker i mean boss 'round here. Did you see what I did there? I made it seem like crash picks his nose. hahaha. As for your snowy question, i would reccomend a fire, a shelter, and maybe a super 8.

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    Hey my bad! didn't know he was 13 not that it bothers me as long as he has his head on straight. I did untold numbers of PAOs (Public Affairs Outings) at SERE with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Middle schools (including my sons), JROTC, ROTC, and a home for wayward teens (probably the most unruley of the lot. As the instructor, I am god! and my safety rules will be obeyed!
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    Ranger Andy wrote:"any one have any tips for a snowy Clement.i need shelter ideas,food,fire and game.
    R.A., Your question tells me that you are inexperienced in the woods, especially in winter. Before you venture out into the snow and cold, I suggest you practice and learn in the summer. Once you have the basics, then you can try to venture out during winter.

    Winter is no place for a novice (noob) to practice and learn survival skills. Because, most likely, you will not survive!

    If you must venture out half-cocked and not prepared, here are a few things you need to survive:

    1.) The most important thing you need is shelter. And not a half-assed, lean-to type shelter, but a full-on wiki-up or solid debris shelter. Something that will block out as much cold and wind as possible.

    2.) You need a fire. Now a fire in winter can be difficult to ignite and if you are not well versed in gathering the proper and right amount of EXTREMELY DRY tinder, which it can be hard to find dry tinder in a snowy climate (clement). But you have to find the best and driest tinder you can!

    3.) As for food; snares are your best bet to catch a meal without exerting a lot of energy. You'll need 10-12x30" pcs. of 18 - 20 ga. wire to make your snares. It is best to set all 12 snares, but 10 will work. If you're lucky, 3 of the 10 or 4 of the 12 snares will have dinner in them (as a general rule of thumb), BUT NOT ALWAYS! Now, of course, you need to set your snares on active game trails.
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    I would very leery about telling a beginner to make an open fire in California, best to get some experience with others first (as someone suggested try a boy scout troop near you). Be extremely careful with your fire pit, bring to mineral earth always, and put it out with a lot of water and stir it up.
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    The thing about snowy weather is that if you become injured or get wet hypothermia will set in quickly. There isn't any second chances. Practice this skills in the summer and then one at a time in cold weather not all at once.
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    thanks but my weak spot is the snow i am good any where els but i suck in the snow lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ole WV Coot View Post
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