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Thread: Survival Scenario Check List

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    Default Survival Scenario Check List

    We often set up scenarios or situations to gather information and learn. Sometimes we forget that we have members from around the world. Here is a checklist that can be used in order for you, the questioner to recieve the most practical information possible. It can also be used by those answering the question to ensure they have the information to do so.

    This sticky is not intended to be where you ask the question, but rather a reference for when you ask the question. The appropriate forum for your scenario would most likely be General Survival Discussion.

    This checklist was not developed by me, but rather another one of our forum members. I think it's great that we have such varied and diverse experiences here to draw from.

    Wilderness survival scenario check list

    Training scenarios are an excellent tool to get the mind moving in the direction of the desired training. When preparing a scenario there are many variables that must be considered. In the case of this forum the scenario would be geared toward wilderness survival. Following is a list of things to consider when preparing a wilderness survival scenario.

    1. Reason: How or why did you end up in this situation?
    2. Location: Alaska, Ontario, New Mexico, Colombia, Africa. Etc.
    3. Environment: Arctic, Tundra, Boreal forest, Jungle, Desert. Etc.
    4. Season: Spring, summer, fall, winter. Etc.
    5. Weather: Clear and sunny, Cloudy, Raining, Snow. Etc.
    6. Temperature: Extreme heat, Moderate, Cold, Extreme cold. Etc.
    7. Number in party: Several people or a lone person.
    8. Health: Are there any injuries.
    9. Equipment: If any. Describe in detail to the point of how a person is dressed.
    10. Desired out come: Use specific questions. I.e. What would be your first priority? What kind of shelter would you build? Would you try to walk out?
    11. Provide feed back:
    12. Try to keep the “thread” on point.

    Don’t be offended or get your feelings hurt if you are asked for more information. Remember the training scenario is used to “train”. Some people just naturally need more information then others.

    Before posting the scenario; you should do it yourself. See what your answers would be.
    This will give you an idea how others will respond.

    Make your scenario as clear and concise as possible. Check your spelling and ask away.
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