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Thread: dogs for hunting?

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    I use dogs for rabbit hunting, they do a great job of chasing the bunnies.
    I have used dogs twice to help recover a deer that we lost the blood trail on, but the dogs have to be trained to do that, my rabbit hounds won't work.
    I have duck hunted with dogs too, but they just retrieve, and that is something the hunter can do on his own.

    So, I guess dogs can be useful in a survival situation too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClayPick View Post
    I use my dogs in the fall to find deer trails. Any dog in the woods up here during big game season is target practice.
    Then I guess that makes the shooter target practice, too. Some people value the life of a dog more than a human. Dogs typically have more to offer.
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    I agree. Over the years we’ve had quite a problem with feral dogs. It’s the practice of the DNR and most hunters to shoot any dog running in the woods. A lot of folks will shoot a dog just because it’s on their property (farmers). My dogs are in the woods all year and I make it a practice to keep them within eyesight, for their own good and mine. I really don’t like to contemplate where I would go if someone killed one of my dogs for no reason.


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