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Thread: What's the deal with Flint and Steel?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klkak View Post
    They were not pedophiles as far as you know.

    I know of a couple of priest that were not pedophiles until many years later when someone finally spoke up.
    True, I cannot state for a fact that they weren't. I never had any problem with them is all I can say. I just find it sad that in todays world an adult has to be so self conscious of how he might be percieved to others. I know just recently my wife asked me to take my son's girlfriend home and I said "No Way!! Not by myself". Then it dawned on her what I meant. You just can't do that nowadays. It's sad but true.

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    I am an Assistant Scout Master! I don't mind someone asking if they were truly concerned, although it is a sad commentary on our society. If you go around digging here all you'll find is that I am an Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow member and no I am not a pedophile/weirdo. (Happily married in fact) So shall we get back to the question or create an entirely new post about the sexual deviants/predators within social groups?

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    I agree survivalnut, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone here.
    I have gone to football games at the highschool and my son doesn't play for them, he didn't even go. The guy could be a fan of football or whatever sport, he has the right to watch the sport. If you called onme and the police showed I say "no I don't have a kid here I'm a football fan" nothing they can do really no matter where you live in the U.S. he has a right to watch the sport. I could then sue you in our sue happy country for filing a false report causing deformation of character and mental anguish because of the looks and remarks others gave me and the months of theropy I needed because of it.
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