The forum has taken a decidedly political cant and personal sparring seems to be on the upswing. We need to take a step back and review the purpose of the forum along with it's basic rules. If you are not familiar with them then you need to take a few moments to read through them:

I have always tried to PM members when individual infractions occur but lately the PMs have been on the upswing. I prefer the rifle approach to a shotgun but sometimes I guess everyone needs to hear the same message. So, I will be taking a harder stance on the political and hate speech.

If you have been warned concerning a violation then don't be surprised if you find yourself banned.

I will close threads that drift off into personal sparring matches, political discussions and/or derogatory comments about other races, religions, etc.

If you make a post that violates the rules and the thread itself is on track then I will simply delete your post.

The thread headings are pretty self explanatory and I think the forum title (Wilderness Survival) does a good job of setting the tone of the forum. Let's stay in topic, shall we? And General Chat doesn't offer open season on banned topics.

If you have questions or concerns related to this post then shoot me a PM. I have no problem discussing it but I won't argue or debate it.