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Thread: Making apple butter

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    Default Making apple butter

    the old fashioned way?

    any of you do it?

    by old fashioned way i mean in a copper kettle with a wooden stirrer in the yard?

    since i have alot of apples i usually stir off about 3 kettles a year. i sell some locally to alot of people who dont have the time or knowledge to make their own.or just dont wanna make the effort.

    my kettle isnt a huge one. it holds 28 quarts of finished butter.

    its very thick when completed. it generally takes 8-10 hrs to stir off a kettle .

    that time can vary depending on the variety of apples you use because some are more juicy than others so the cook off time will be longer.

    it usually takes around 15 lbs of sugar to sweeten a kettle to my liking then i add cinnamon oil to taste. i prefer it a bit spicy but i make some less spicy as well.

    its something i have dome since i was a kid helping my grandparents, then my parents as well and its a very enjoyable day.

    we usually invite the family over and cook out and make a family get together out of it and everyone that helps, gets a jar to take home.

    depending on the apple used it usually takes close to 2 bushels give or take of apples to make my kettle full.

    i peel and core the apples and sometimes cook them down a bit on the stove before adding them to the copper kettle. it depends on how much stirring help im gonna have. if you dont cook em down a bit first, like a lumpy applesauce, it takes longer to stir off a kettle.

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    Default OK, that's enough

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    28 quart kettle not big? Had a bad joke here, but I'll let it go. (kids on the forum and all)
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    i forgot to mention, i guess cause i take it for granted cause im used to doing it, but i have to clean the kettle with Brasso before i use it each time.

    it is absolutely imperative to get all the Brasso residue out of it will spoil the batch of butter.

    also, you put a handful of pennies, that youve rinsed off in water, in the bottom of the kettle before you add the apples to keep the butter from sticking as it cooks.

    the pennies, no matter how dark they are when you put them in, will come out looking brand new when the apple butter making is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crashdive123 View Post
    28 quart kettle not big? Had a bad joke here, but I'll let it go. (kids on the forum and all)
    lol, my great aunt has a copper kettle that holds 70 quarts so comparitively speaking, the one i have aint that big.

    my kettle was given to me by my grandparents. good thing too cause id never be able to afford one nowadays. i priced one and about passed out.

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    you should post your full detailed recipe

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    approx..2 bushels of apples
    15lbs or so of sugar depending on personal taste and 1-4 oz of cinnamon oil, depending on personal taste.

    its kinda like a lot of recipes, each time it may be a bit different cause of the sweetness of the apples and so forth so you have to adjust it accordingly. it is never the same twice.
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