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Thread: Solar Eclipse April the 8th

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    Default Solar Eclipse April the 8th

    Have y'all heard much about the upcoming eclipse? Alan, How close is it going to come to your neck of the Big Thicket? 4 counties in Oklahoma will experience "the path of totality" IE it will be completely dark for 4 or 5 minutes. There are supposed to be lots of sight seers coming into view the total eclipse. Any thoughts?

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    We were in the total eclipse back 7 years ago. Back in October we got to see a partial eclipse not many knew about. This year, the schools are letting the kids out at 12 for ďsafety concernsĒ while itís going to be eclipsed 80%.

    Iím not sure what the percentage was back in October but it was a cloudy day and you couldnít tell any difference in sunlight during the eclipse. Guests can not see images in the messages. Please register in the forum.

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    Itíll miss us here but I may go up north of San Antonio for the day to see it. The news has been that hotels and motels are sold out. Highways will likely be busy too.


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    I got a 98% eclipse.and it was enjoyable seeing how there was no one else around to bother
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