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    Turning 18 at the beginning of 2024


    Upper middle border of Kansas and Missouri

    Fast food cook, and aquarium maintenance guy

    Orienteeing, tent camping,

    Mountains, spring summer and fall, 2 weeks longest stay.


    Beginning stages of preparing for semipermanent/permanent residency in the woods

    I love anything with nature, land and sea, Iíve kept saltwater aquariums for the better part of 3 years and I like working on cars

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    Well, Howdy. Iíve been up in that area a few times. Itís a little cold for my blood, at least in the winter. There is a lot of information stored in these boards and there are a few experts on woodcraft and such who will be glad to help you out as soon as they realize there is fresh meat, uhmmm, a new poster on board.


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    Welcome, from Michigan!


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