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Thread: Which Plants are good for small garden?

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    Default Which Plants are good for small garden?

    I have made a new home I want to build a small garden. For this, i am searching SPAM on various seeds store online . Can anyone suggest more online seeds websites.

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    You could always try
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    Hey there!

    Awesome to hear you're setting down roots—literally—in your new place with a garden. Trust me, there's nothing like getting your hands in the soil and growing your own little patch of green. Online seed shopping can feel like wading through a wild forest, so let me share a few of my personal go-to's. They're all based right here in the good ol' US, so no international shipping hassles.

    Burpee ( - Oh, you should definitely check out Burpee. They've got a solid selection of seeds, everything from your standard veggies to some pretty neat flowers. Plus, their website's got a bunch of helpful tips that can really give you a hand with your gardening.

    Seed Savers Exchange ( - Then there's Seed Savers Exchange. It's more than a shop, it's a whole group of folks dedicated to keeping all kinds of different plant types around. You can find some pretty unique seeds there, really make your garden stand out.
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