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Thread: 6 hogs down in freshly planted fields (VIDEO)

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    Default 6 hogs down in freshly planted fields (VIDEO)

    So I had the brightness and contrast settings too dark, so when they chaos started I lost the black reticle in the dark grey landscape background and realized it as the group was running by with my crosshairs too low. The stalk/ set up on this group was perfect based on the wind direction, the layout of the field, the location of the hogs and the direction they were moving. I shot at the farthest one first hoping to get the group to run from the sound of the bullet smacking the pig and run towards me, which worked out nicely. Still shoulda dropped a couple more from this sounder. Oh well.

    Thermal Hog Hunt 6 pigs down in Wallis, Tx 03-30-23[video:youtube][/video]

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    Nice shooting.
    I'm using a cheap single shot, break barrel 12GA shotgun and a cheap 200 lbs recurve crossbow to help my dad with feral hogs. No optics, just iron sigths.
    My dad uses a .12GA pump shotgun and a .38 special revolver. My younger brother owns a 175lbs crossbow, and we all hunt together. We also use traps.
    I see that wild hogs are a problem everywhere, not only here at Brazil.
    Maybe traps can help you too.
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    Much appreciated!

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