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Thread: Fishing Season is Upon Us

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    Default Fishing Season is Upon Us

    And I need a new rod. The ultralight rod I used for over 15 years broke a couple weeks back, what is a good replacement? I got the reel, and I need the rod.

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    I like "All Star" and "Castaway" rods. I don't know if they make any untralight rods. All my untralight rods are cheapos because, well, I tend to break them...


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    Same here Alan, I always have one in the back of the truck and it seems like it they have about a 2 season lifespan before something goes wrong. I have been using Berkley Cherrywoods as my go to for the truck. I get a 5.5 or 6 foot two piece ultralight, last time I bought one they were about $15. They have a stiff backbone with a lot of flex in the last third. Seems I can get more accurate cast in tight areas like small creeks. Really don't care for the noodle type rods.
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    Try the ugly stick, they are far less likely to break. I personally have a lifetime NY State Fishing license so after buying that I knew I was going to be broke so that was when I bought my ugly stick, & it has been over 15 years now and still got them. ( i have several fishing rods and reels)


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