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    Hello! I'm new here.

    My taste of the outdoors came in my mid 20's when I started working full time in a corporate desk job. My ex gf got me into mountain biking (she's a roadie but I decided to mountain bike lol)

    Since getting a $2000 bike, I've been all over the forest riding around my city and then local mountain trails near the mountains - even joined a meetup group and did a camping trip deep in the mountains, that was fun! That's what I love about mountain biking, your inside the forest and you get to see any the beauty of nature first hand.

    Oh yeah I got into camping from mountain biking, I've exclusively hammock camped since I started camping and I've never decided to buy a tent since. I love it. (I always buy the mosquito net hammock). and then the trick to camping in a hammock is to lay diagonal in the hammock with something to prop you under you. Fun stuff!

    Other things about the outdoors, I love to just sit in and nature and spend time (I did this more when I was younger than I do now). I am also into gardening and I'm learning to garden organic right now, I made some raised beds in my backyard.

    I also like to hike a lot. I love going to parks and sometimes I would take my laptop and just relax in nature playing Minecraft or studying or something.

    Right now I'm also planning to take the SOLO Disaster Wilderness Medic training. Definitely a good skill to have I think! Might do it this year or next. I've taken it before but I have to get re-certified.

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    Welcome to the forum
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    Hello and welcome.
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