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Thread: Something I don't often do...

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    Hey, that's me! Congrats on the early Christmas gift.
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    Heck, I collect those things. I spotted a multi tool, I think it was a Sharper Image in a Tuesday Morning shop that had a hammer. It looked fairly sturdy so I added a pair of chisels and that's the pick in my geology kit.

    I saw one with a hatchet. I didn't get that one. I could see the headlines...hiker killed by his own multitool.
    True enough, my final home is still out there, but this is most certainly my home range and I love it. I love every rock I fall off and tree I trip over. Even when I am close to dying from exhaustion, a beautiful sunset doesn't lose it's power to refresh and inspire me and that, in itself, is enough to save me sometimes.


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