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    Default Not what we wanted but

    About four weeks ago somebody left us a pit. We tried to find him a home. That didnít happen and I need a third dog like a hole in the head. Heís a good boy.829EBFDA-BC95-44FF-B583-C8E410815434.jpg

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    Good looking dog. I take it that isn't the one that almost ate you.
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    This one is a little pirate. He likes to steal your stuff.

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    Best dog I ever had came out of the woods to our camp from probably being dumped by some nitwit.
    I'm hoping yours will be a great companion for a long time.

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    According to the anthropologists and them that study biology all dogs came out of the woods and stumbled into our camp. That is how this whole man/dog thing got started back 50,000 years ago.

    The relationship goes back to the start of what they call "modern men".

    Modern men and modern dogs have evolved alongside each other for that long and few other animals can understand both our words and our facial expressions.
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    There seems to be a pattern. About every 18 months somebody drops off a new born dog or cat. Once the misses wraps her heart around it Iím done for. So, cameras from now on. God help Ďem . lol


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