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Thread: Survival knives?

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    In the early 80's I worked for a lumber and hardware store. One night there was a break in and the thieves smashed the knife display. There were Schrade pocket knives of all shapes and sizes all over the store. The boxes were smashed and crushed as well. I asked the manager what he was going to do with them. He said sell them at whatever they will sell for. I offered him $50 and he took it. There must have been at least 50 knives. I kept representative samples and gave the rest to relatives and friends. Later I gave some to sons. I probably have 20 or so of the original batch. Most have never been used but a few of them were heavily used. They were all folders and pocket knives. Since then, every time I pass by a knife display in a store that looks dusty and half empty, I always ask if they want to make a deal... in 40 years, nobody wanted to deal...


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    sometimes we not only over think things, but we over react. Knives are tools. Pick what twists your pickle, let the other fellow do the same. Sagacity is my middle name.


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