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    Are you on the lookout for the best juicer available? A few years ago, I posed the same question.

    Due to the plethora of options, I ended up purchasing incorrect and out-of-date goods. Hopefully, using the information in this essay, you won't make the same error I did back then.

    In the last five years, I've tested over a hundred juice extractors. With this information, I can determine which ones are best for juicing celery, producing green juices, or preparing simple fruit and vegetable beverages.

    This comprehensive juicer purchase guide will address all of your questions and more.

    Let me give you the Best Juicers of 2022 without further ado.

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    No, I don't think you will. Buh bye.
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    All kidding aside, I wish he had at least mentioned what the Top 5 juicers were prior to him being banned lol

    I personally have 2 juicers, a small one and a larger one I use for when I have company.

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